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16 Years Experience

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16 Years Experience

Private Jet Charter has over 16 years in private jet sales and management contracts.  Private Jet Charter has become a one stop shop for purchasing any type of aircraft and finding the most optimal management company to manage your plane, train the pilots, and do the maintenance on your aircraft.  We have tremendous experience in placing your newly acquired aircraft with the appropriate Management Company, one that has multiple aircraft of the same type that you have purchased and multitude of pilots having at least 5000 hours for the pilot in command and 3000 hours for the second in command, in the region of the country that you reside.

In addition to acquiring your own aircraft, we can position your aircraft with FAA Part 135 operators to get the most charter hours on a monthly basis if you decide to offset some of your expenses of aircraft ownership.
Please call us to discuss private jet ownership, acquiring a new private jet aircraft and the best management options.