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How Safe is it to Travel by Private jets?
While booking a recent 
 Private jets charter to Aspen, a customer timidly asked, “Just how safe are  Private jets anyway?” I gave her a long list of our company’s outstanding safety inspection scores and provided her with information about her pilot and the plane she would be using for the trip.

After getting off the phone I realized that this question is probably lurking in the minds of many clients that charter 
 Private jets.

This article is written to provide consumers with safety information about our industry. Moreover, there are links to valuable statistics and a variety of tools that can be used to check on the safety of your 
 Private jets charter company.

 Private jets are fast and wonderfully convenient.

They can access hundreds of airports throughout the world, making it possible to go places you just can’t get into on large commercial aircraft. For example, if you are a golfer, a 
 Private jets can take you within a ten to twenty minute drive to St. Andrews, Scotland, Bandon Dunes, OR, Pebble Beach, CA, Augusta National, GA (private) and Pinehurst, NC.

Normally it would take at least this long to deplane from a standard aircraft. 
 Private jets are also perfect for taking business associates, families and friends on holiday.

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