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Flight Charter Company             
PRIVATE JET FLIGHTS is a flight charter company that offers the luxury of private jets and helicopters. Here at Charter Jet One, our flight charter company gives clients the opportunity to charter/rent an entire aircraft instead of just seats on an aircraft. The perks of choosing a flight charter company to rent a plane, jet, or helicopter include the focus on your schedule and cargo. A flight charter company is preferable for ad hoc transport.
Private Helicopter Flight
Private helicopter flights are wonderful services provided by PRIVATE JET FLIGHTS and are typically requested when a client wants a quiet flight experience with no interference.

Sometimes a private helicopter flight is chosen when the client wants to sight-see over a remote or urban location with no airports nearby.

A private helicopter flight is also incredibly important in times of distress or emergency; high profile clients may need a private flight as opposed to a commercial flight in order to keep matters discreet and out of the public eye.

A private helicopter flight is also ideal when time is an issue and business needs to be done in a hasty manner.
Private Helicopter Flight