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Jet Management
Aircraft management or Jet management is a service provided by an aircraft management company that completely monitors and maintains private or commercial aircrafts for their clients. Jet management is the solution for people or companies that own private jets. The company takes full responsibility of their aircrafts. Competent companies offer you services that give one piece of mind that their aircraft is being maintained and managed properly.
Jet Management has two classifications, charter aircraft management and turnkey aircraft management. In the charter aircraft management, jet management companies provide charter opportunities for an individual’s or a company’s aircraft. They utilize the unused time of the aircraft by renting it and generating revenue.
In the turnkey aircraft management, jet management companies provide total aircraft management services. The owner of the aircraft gives complete operational responsibilities to the jet management companies. The service provider is responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the aircraft. Services include maintenance and repairs, aircraft crew management and trainings, security for the passengers and aircraft, financial management and customer services to keep customers up to date of the flight details. Individuals or companies that have hired jet management companies for their aircrafts have the advantage of turning their asset in to revenue by charting the aircraft when not in use.
There are many jet management companies around the globe that provide aircraft management services. Private Jet Flights is a company with 16 years of experience in the private aviation business. They provide charter and turnkey management services. Also they provide private jets to individuals and companies. There aim is to save your time and money by giving you cheap flights in private jest according to your time schedule. The company has access to all kinds of aircrafts like jumbo jets, cargo jets, helicopters and air ambulances. The company has access to over 14,000 aircrafts worldwide and 5,000 aircrafts domestically.