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Is The Private Jet Charter Market Ready To Be Disrupted

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Today booking a private air charter is still something akin to Abbott & Costello’s epic comedy routine, “Who’s On First?” Multiple companies are claiming they are ready to make it easier, faster and more transparent. But, what is fast? And how close is the private jet charter segment to real-time booking as opposed to just quotes and estimates?.

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With that in mind, I took note of some of the breathless coverage surrounding the recent launch of a new booking app by private aviation provider Victor, focusing on how technology was going to correct a broken and inefficient market. The company’s literature states, “Victor’s unique business model disrupts and brings transparency to a largely unregulated industry. It offers private jet operators and owners with a channel to market and consumers with a trusted brand, transparency and value for money.”

Victor is one of a number of private jet charter brokers who are seeking to disrupt the industry.  Does the technology really accomplish the mission?