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Helicopter Rentals

Helicopter rental is a business of hiring a helicopter for private and personal travelling within a country or a state. Helicopters are the best way to travel to short distances and short flights to destinations especially where there are no airports. Helicopters can be hired for sightseeing, business, and entertainment and also for functions and parties.
Helicopter Rental services can be used for many purposes like corporate entertainment, business travel, family travel, sporting events, city tours, pleasure, luxury hotel trips, emergency and rescue services, goods express services and photography. The benefit of Helicopter rentals is that it is cheap and flexible. Helicopters are easy to fly in busy cities from hotel to fields and in hard to reach areas. Whether you are going on a business meeting in a busy city or going to the mountains to enjoy the view and snow, helicopter rental is the perfect solution. Helicopter rentals give you luxury, privacy and a safe flight. It saves time, as you do not have to wait in airport lines, layoffs and delays. Pick your time, destination and the helicopter you desire, and fly freely. You can always hire a helicopter for a wedding, party or college farewell to make an impression.
There are many companies in the world that offer Helicopter rental service. Private Jet Flight is company with 16 years of experience in jet and helicopter rental. They are one of the best places that you can find the perfect and most suitable helicopter for your self at your convenience and at cheaper rates. Private jet flight is located in New York, USA.  Private Jet Flight has access to the largest fleet of helicopters in the USA. They can help you travel from Manhattan to the Hamptons, up the coast of California, anywhere around the country. It is so easy to opt for Helicopter Rentals.


Private Jet Flights International has tremendous experience in Helicopter Rentals.  For 16 years, Private Jet Flights International has been doing Helicopter Charters all over the country.  Whether you are flying from Manhattan to the Hamptons, up the California Coast or anywhere in between, Private Jet Flights International has access to the largest fleet of helicopters in the country.  We can also accommodate helicopter cargo requests. Please call for rates.