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Comfort at its peak with private jet charter
It is certainly true that private jet charter offers more comfortable and at ease service compared to a standard commercial flight. There are a number of companies that provide quality aircraft at reasonable prices so you can make sure that you find these and find the ones that are best for you. With all luxury, one can imagine private jet offers travel comfortability specifically when you are traveling for the business reason or going on a vacation with family.
While traveling internationally, an International Jet rental can minimize the number of hours you spend in traveling. It offers personalization of a different level altogether. Though they are expensive, however, it does offer any hassle like a commercial fight has.
Here are few myths about renting a private jet.
•    You need to be really very rich to rent a private jet
The answer would have been “yes” if you are thinking of buying one however in the case of rent or a charter “no” you don’t have to be very rich.
•    In bad weather conditions, commercial flights have to be canceled and so the private jet..
Private jets usually have the options of landing at any airport in comparison to commercial flight as well as change the schedules quickly
•    private jetד.are not as safe as commercial flights
Both are extremely safe. Most of the chartered jets are maintained and used by the owner. These are chartered while they are not using it. Thus, the owners will always have high maintenance and high standard pilots.
•    Private jet is not as fast as commercial flights
Depending on the model of the jet flown usually a chartered flight is faster than a commercial one. Additionally, the flexibility of the departure and destination airport saves a lot of time unlike a commercial flight
•    Traveling in a private jet would also need to go through the security check
No, you don’t have to take out your shoes or empty your pockets. The pilot may just ask for your ID and that should be more than enough. Many of the private jet rentals provide a car up to the aircraft and unload your luggage as well as have valley service for your car to take is back.
The enjoyment does not only end with comfort and personalization.  The in-flight services will have all the entertainment factors that you need to keep you and your family entertained. Catering services include snacks, food, fresh juices, premium wine, and liquor.